Sometimes Machine Manufacturers Put Things In Silly Places

This motor controller came into our workshop with a note that said circuit breaker blew. The controller was covered in grease and oil which made it quite slippery. When we opened the controller, it was even worse. The oil and grease was clagged between the circuit boards and many of the electronic components looked like they had baked in an oven. The controller dated back to the 1980s or 1990s and how it ran in this condition is a mystery till just recently.

After talking to the client, apparently the original machine manufacturers mounted the controller near the machine’s oily waste chute with a very thin sponge filter in front of the cooling fan. The filter had dislodged at some point, and the waste oil and grease had ingressed.

Thankfully our repair database (which we have built over many years from repairing other client equipment), showed similar controllers which meant we could identify many of the cooked components. After a lot of pressure cleaning and wiping, and replacing most of the electronic components, the controller was refurbished back to brand new condition. We also supplied a new sponge filter.

Our client was ecstatic as the controller was many years old and he could not purchase a new one. Thankfully we were able to save his multi-million-dollar asset for many more years of service.

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