State of the Art Connected Worker platform



Rom-Control is the Australian reseller of the Connected Worker software, Augmentir. As the first connected worker platform powered by artificial intelligence, Augmentir will enable you to digitize your workflows and guide workers using augmented work instructions.

Augmentir can deliver instructions, checklists, drawings, plant data, etc. direct to a remote worker as he does his job. Resolve issues faster and improve team collaboration by connecting in real-time with a remote expert who can guide and explain (connect to an expert). Drive continuous improvement with operational insights driven by Augmentir’s AI.

Augmentir does all this by combining Enterprise Augmented Reality with Artificial Intelligence. The solution will help you empower your frontline workforce to do their best work – close the skills gap, seamlessly capture tribal knowledge, and seize opportunities that drive continuous improvement.

Augmentir is compatible with all types of connected devices such as Realwear Head-Mounted Tablets (HMTs), tablets, notebooks, etc.