Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the refurbishing of my card cost?

Our quote will be 50% of the manufacturer’s catalogue price based on an equivalent control system or one with similar function. Better still, if you have a preferential agreement with a supplier/manufacturer and you can show us the price you can purchase the item for, the quote will be 50% of your discounted price!

How long will it take to refurbish the card?

We can refurbish any equipment or Printed Circuit Board, irrespective of the nature and complexity of the fault. This process though is not always straight forward and may require extensive research, so generally we prefer to give our customers a 2-3 week return time. We can provide an Urgent Service facility dependant on what is required and the time frame needed. In the unlikely event that we will require to order a part that has a longer lead time for delivery or we will require a longer repair time, we will inform our customers in a timely manner.

What happens if I don’t have any documentation about the equipment?

Although schematics, manufacturer installation, and user manuals can significantly contribute to the speed and effectiveness of the refurbishment process, we realise that sometimes, due to the age of the equipment, our customers may not have access to any of the above. In this case, we have a couple of alternative options:

  • Send us a good/working unit together with the faulty one or
  • Send us 2 or more faulty items of the same type/model 
  • if the first two options are not possible, then just send us the faulty item without a good or faulty unit.

Our Refurbishment Process

Below is the refurbishment process that we follow for all your industrial equipment:

  • You send us your faulty control system (eg PCBs, Variable Speed Drive, Power supply, PLC, etc), equipment or  control components together with your contact details and the function of the equipment (eg controls the speed of an electric motor)
  • A description of the fault and any manufacturer documentation/schematics you may have (if available).
  • We send you an estimate which will not exceed 50% of the manufacturer’s (or supplier’s) catalog price or equivalent.
  • You send us your purchase order.
  • We refurbish the equipment, components including PCB, control unit, etc.
  • The control unit, component, and/or PCB card is returned to you ready to be plugged into your existing equipment.
  • You sleep well at night knowing your equipment was repaired by Rom-Control and therefore will function for many years reliably

For further information, please contact Rom-Control.