Wind Farm and Solar Farm Control System Repair

2 Year Warranty                                 Any Make, Any Model, Any Age                         ISO9001 Quality Certified

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Our Services – Electronic Inverter Repairs and Refurbishment

Rom-Control is committed to ensuring the Renewable Energy sector by providing services in the form of repair and refurbishment of their electronic control systems. Particularly for Solar Inverters, Wind Farm Converters and battery generation, Rom-Control can provide economically, reliably and sustainable options to maintain and refurbish. With our knowledge, expertise and experience, Rom-Control can provide assistance with any repair and/or audit function for power generation such as inverter repairs, renewable energy equipment Maintenance, inverter battery repairs, etc. Rom-Control guarantee our clients an economic, efficient and reliable resource which is backed by our full two (2) year warranty.


Pivotal to our company’s portfolio of services, we can diagnose and repair any power generation control system irrespective of age, make, model or function, without the use of manuals or schematics. Our proven track record over more than 15 years years confirms our professional repair and refurbishment services to all sectors of industry.

In order to achieve this level of expertise in the repair of renewable energy generation farms, and be so confident that every repair has a positive outcome, we have invested heavily in state-of-the-art signature analysis equipment and testing technology. We can guarantee that after we have refurbished your equipment, our plug and play solution means your renewable energy equipment can be re-installed and commissioned into the Solar or Wind generation farm confidently and reliably.  Integral to our overall offering and one of our secrets to success is our extensive range of current and superseded spare parts and components which means we have the discontinued components to ensure your inverter or energy generation can be refurbished back to brand new condition. Rom-Control also have access to a world-wide network of specialist providers for those obsolete and discontinued electronic components which can be very hard to find.

The type of equipment Rom-Control have serviced includes all types of renewable energy power generation including the high cost converters and inverters used to supply the AC grid from the DC power generator The type of equipment is similar whether it be from solar generation or wind generation, the power supply and other generation monitoring and condition equipment is very similar. Manufacturers of this equipment include Vestas, GE, Suzlon, Senvion, Goldwind, Siemens, Delta, Luminous, Xantrex, Microtek, Ellies, APC, ABB and many other brands.

Our process consists of the following steps:

  1. We will take details photos of the PCB and record the details in our database.
  2. We will catalogue the card and apply a barcode label for future identification.
  3. We will clean the card using an ultrasonic bath cleaning system.
  4. We will identify the fault(s) and replace the faulty components.
  5. We will identify any faults (not visible to the naked eye) on the board, tracks, joints, connectors and perform the appropriate repair.
  6. We will identify and remove any signs of corrosion.
  7. We will proactively replace all other components that we know from experience, will most likely fail in the future.
  8. We will clean the card again, to remove any organic or flux residues.
  9. We will bench test the card.
  10. As an option, we can apply conformal coating that will protect the card against moisture or dust.

Inverter Repairs or Inverter Faults

In many ways, the inverters and converters used in renewable power generation can be very complex and repairs need to be exact to prevent secondary failures in other systems.  High currents and voltages must be considered to ensure the equipment can be place back into service to provide a safe and reliable outcome. This is the same for solar inverters, wind farm inverters and even battery power inverters.

Power inverter common faults

Often power inverters may fail due to a simple little component varying its output due to age or environmental conditions, and causing a cascade effect of many inverter components failing. Although the simple little component may pass bench tests, if not diagnosed and replaced, re-assembling the inverter or converter and powering up may cause an unsafe and expensive failure. Due to Rom-Controls broad experience in this area, we can guarantee every inverter fault is located, components replaced and fully tested to the Renewable Industry standard.

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