Rom-Control is proud to announce our membership to the Clean Energy Council

Representing over 1000 members Australia wide, the Clean Energy Council have accepted Rom-Control as a full member in recognition of our work in ensuring affordable Renewable Energy around Australia. Rom-Control is the forefront in maintaining and refurbishing both solar and wind farm generation electronic equipment such as Inverters, Converters and Power monitoring and associated Systems.

Over the past 15 years, Australia has invested significantly into renewable energy generation in both wind and solar farms around rural landmarks such as townships and satellite cities. Within this aging infrastructure, Inverters and Converters as large as 6 Megawatt are experiencing reliability issues with failing inverters and power conditioning and monitoring equipment. Rom-Control saw this as a risk to future Australian energy generation and set about developing the technology and expertise to economically maintain this equipment.

Rom-Control can repair and refurbish all types of renewable energy generation systems irrespective of age or manufacturer such as Vestas, Semikron, Goldwind, Suzlon, Siemens, etc. Our experience includes both on-shore and off-shore wind farms, and all forms of solar and geotechnical generation farms.

If you wish to talk to us further about how we can assist your organization, either telephone us on 1300 766 287 or click on to message us for more information.