The Most Common Cabinet Cooling Fan Mistakes – Maintenance and Replacement

Many of our clients think that the heart of their machinery is the power supply. Not true as it is usually the humble cooling fan.

Quietly working in the background to keep your electrical cabinets cool, no one remembers to keep them clean and ensure they are serviceable. A failing fan can be costly in both time and money which is why we at Rom-Control have been kept so busy over the past 16 years. Failing cabinet cooling fans provide us, Rom-Control, with the majority of our work. So here are a few tips to consider about replacing and maintaining  cabinet cooling fans;

Miscalculating CFM Requirements

The cubic feet per minutes (CFM) is one of the most crucial factors to consider. The fan needs to provide enough airflow to remove the heat load of the equipment installed, plus the heat generated by other sources in the enclosure such as solar, cabling, power supplies, etc.

Equipment Layout and System Resistance

Every item inside a cabinet can impede the airflow (CFM) including air filters in and out of the cabinet. Just the filter itself can reduces the airflow CFM by 33%. Ensure new equipment in the cabinet does not restrict the overall airflow and consider upgrading the fan to a higher CFM if necessary.

Temperature Considerations

If the equipment inside the cabinet operates at temperatures slightly higher than the ambient temperature, then a cooling fan should be all that is needed.

Trying to Save on Necessary Accessories

Cooling fans are an economical way to providing the essential temperature control for electrical equipment. However, you don’t want to make the mistake of purchasing cheap accessories such as filters, Vent Shroud kits or thermostats.

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