Business Flexibility Is Always Vital To Meet Today’s Client Requirements

An energy producer recently approached us with a large number of complex control cabinets for urgent refurbishment. Each the size of a large bar fridge, these water-cooled cabinets were filled with smart electronics to control Megawatts of outgoing electrical power.

As the equipment was mission critical, and the overseas manufacturer only wanted to sell new with 4 months delivery, our client was desperate.

With hundreds requiring refurbishment, the time to process each was unfeasible even with our state-of-the-art automated diagnostic tools. The cabinets had no tech. documentation or schematics, so our engineers needed a different approach.

Diagnostics with a bespoke computer tablet connected to the cabinet could give us the fault data but due to the high voltages, this was uneconomical. So, our team designed a handheld computerised testing device tailored for these cabinets. We now were able to automatically test each cabinet system, so full diagnostics was 3 mins, not 3 days. The answer provided fault location, a component or PCB issue and if was repeatable or intermittent.

Our refurbishment time was 1 week and we provide a full 2 years warranty with all refurbishments.

With this innovation, Rom Control proved itself as a game changer for urgent repairs. It’s all about speed, years of experience, and reliability. Contact us on 1300 766 297 or to discuss your need.