ROM-Control Invests in New Equipment

At ROM-Control, we are committed to achieving customer satisfaction by providing the quickest and most economical repair and refurbishment service for all industrial electronic and control equipment.

To enhance our capabilities, ROM-Control are constantly investing in new processes and equipment which are aimed to address the more complex and computerised industrial control systems now incorporated in most manufacturing and process machinery.

As capital investment is important in maintaining our technological edge, ROM-Control are proud to announce the delivery of our new state of the art ABI Boardmaster automated testing system. This new solution will provide the features and process power to enable more complex electronic systems to be quickly analysed and diagnosed in the shortest amount of time.

Complimented by ROM-Control’s highly skilled technical staff, the features and functionality of the new solution will include;

  • Automated testing and troubleshooting
  • Digital functional test (in- and out-of-circuit)
  • Analogue functional test (ICs and discrete devices)
  • Graphical test generator
  • Live comparison
  • Digital and analogue V-I test (2D & 3D)
  • Analogue matrix V-I
  • Digital IC identifier
  • EPROM verifier
  • Short locator
  • Digital oscilloscope, digital multimeter, arbitrary function generator, frequency/event counter, universal I/O
  • Variable power supply