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Wind and Solar Farms are now a common part of the Australian landscape. Usually located around townships and satellite cities, todays computerized control technology ensure their installation is efficient, quiet and can provide a major portion of the required local household electricity. Within these complicated control systems, age and environmental conditions have taken its toll and most of the inverters are out of warranty. Hence Rom-Control have seen a significant increase in inverter/converter repairs and refurbishments particularly in the last few years.

For this reason, we thought in this blog it might be fun to share some fun Wind Farm facts from

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  1. Wind turbines look simple but they are actually very complex – In fact, a single wind turbine has around 8,000 different parts.
  1. Wind turbines can stand taller than the Sydney Opera House – A typical tower is around 60 metres tall. Add the enormous blades and the turbine can end up standing 80 to 90 metres tall.
  1. Wind could power the world – It would only take around 3.9 million turbines to become a reality according to an article by Business Insider, using typical-sized turbines, that kind of number would take up a space just slightly smaller than Spain.
  1. Wind is getting cheaper – Automation has enabled the cost of wind energy to drop 90% since the 1980s. As technology gets smarter, we’re harnessing the power of the wind in cheaper and more efficient ways.
  1. Wind energy is the fastest-growing renewable energy source – According to Geoscience Australia the wind energy industry is expected to continue to grow rapidly over the next decade. Currently most of it is happening in the US and Europe, but China and India are showing rapid growth as well.
  1. Wind technology is now much more bird-friendly – Earlier versions of wind farms, such as the ones first launched in the US, had thousands of small fast-spinning turbines. Not so good for birds. Now, wind farms have taller and slower-moving blades which are much nicer for our feathered friends.
  1. Wind turbines are getting quieter – It’s no surprise that the noise a wind turbine makes depends on how close you are. According to GE Reports, a wind turbine would usually be placed at least 300 metres away from a home which would give it a sound pressure level of 43 decibels, between the noise of your fridge and your air conditioner.