It’s Not Easy Being Green – Resurrecting Discarded Equipment

On a recent visit to a client’s processing plant, we noticed a heap of protection relays that were tagged either “unserviceable” or “failed” after their annual testing.

Over the years our ‘green minded’ client John has had to replace various protection relays at great expense after testing but couldn’t bring himself to throw out the failed relays. On our visit today, John mentioned that although it was wasteful, he was about to throw the old ones in the bin as he needed the shelf space. He then asked us if we wanted them, we said Yes!

A week later when the units arrived, we put them through our state-of-the-art protection relays simulation and testing process. Each unit that we examined did show a different set of faults, but our engineers were able to diagnose each one and found all were repairable.

We did successfully fix all the relays and have them pass our dedicated CT-VT injection test. We then attached the complete test results to each relay so the new owners have a future record.

I was talking to John recently on a different subject and he was astonished that we were able to fix the relays. I advised if he needed any in the future, he just needed to pay for the incidental repair cost rather than buy a new. He asked for an indicative price which turned out to be a small fraction of the replacement cost, plus we give a full 2-year warranty. A week later a purchase order turned up for all the protection relays he had given us.

Many of our clients try to run “green factories” which means re-using and reducing waste. Protection relays are not meant to be a disposable item and even the most in-expensive protection relays can be repaired economically.

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