Grundfos Repair and Refurbishment

Grundfos Repair Service

While Grundfos is primarily a pump manufacturer, they offer numerous variable speed drives to control and compliment various models of their pumps in single pump and multi-pump configurations. In addition they have a range of Solar Inverters which also drive several models of their pumps. These electronic motor control drives include the Grundfos brands;

  • Hydro Multi E
  • Hydro MPC
  • Hydro Solo-E
  • RSI – Solar Inverter
  • CMBE
  • TPE

Even though Grundfos equipment is a reliable brand name with rugged industrial equipment, electronic control systems can breakdown anytime and Rom-Control is your one stop repair shop for all Grundfos repairs and refurbishment. The rare occurrence when a Grundfos supplied equipment breaks down, you need to know that there is an experienced and knowledgeable organization that can repair your Grundfos assets back to brand new status.

Grundfos and Refurbishment – Our Service Capability

At Rom-Control, we pride ourselves on quality precision workmanship and efficiency. Our trained technicians provide refurbishment services across the entire Grundfos family of products. We provide a significant economic alternative to purchasing new systems whilst minimizing your downtime and reducing your maintenance and capital expenditure.

In a breakdown situation, Rom-Control’s Grundfos repair service can provide a significant economic and timely alternative to an OEM replacement. When the Grundfos OEM product is not a simple changeover and requires modifications on your infrastructure, Rom-Control will ensure your refurbished Grundfos electronic is in ‘as-new’ condition ready to be simply plugged back in.

Our Service Guarantee

Rom-Control provides a full 2 year guarantee with all Grundfos refurbishments as we know your equipment will be as good as new, and in most cases, better than new. This is because all aged components attached to the control system are replaced as part of the refurbishment.

Our Expertise in Excellence

Rom-Control are specialists in all types of industrial electronic control system repairs and refurbishments. For all Grundfos repairs to variable speed drives, call Rom-Control Today!

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