GE Multilin Repair and Refurbishment

GE Multilin Protection Products Repair Service

The GE Multlin range of electrical protection equipment are an excellent range of products but like all protection systems, they need to be tested at regular intervals. Rom-Control are your one stop repair shop to test and/or repair the entire GE Multilin product range.

GE Multilin are used to protect all types of equipment from out of spec current, voltage, Impedance and many other factors. Because the GE Multilin equipment is protecting your valuable machinery and associated assets, it is important that you arrange and have tested your GE Multilin protection equipment at regular intervals. When you find that after testing your GE Multilin Protection product that it does not perform as per your configuration requirements, you need to know that there is an experienced and knowledgeable organization such as Rom-Control that can repair your GE Multilin product.

GE Multilin Repair and Refurbishment – Our Service Capability

At Rom-Control, we pride ourselves on quality precision workmanship and efficiency. Our trained technicians provide refurbishment services across the entire GE Range including the GE Multilin family of products. We provide a significant economic alternative to purchasing new systems whilst minimizing your downtime and reducing your maintenance and capital expenditure.

Our refurbishment service includes (but not limited to) the following equipment:

  • GE Multilin Motor Protection Relays
  • GE Multilin Motor Management relays and Microcontrollers
  • GE Multilin Protection Relays
  • GE Multilin Adavnced Substation Gateway
  • GE Multilin Advanced Multi Function Controller Platform
  • GE Multilin Process Bus Solution 
  • GE Multilin Power Metering

Rom-Control have the equipment to perform a full Current Transformer Test and a Voltage Transformer Test, otherwise known and CT and VT Injection Testing of your GE Multilin Protection Relays. If the result of our CT and VT Testing shows a relay or controller fault, Rom-Control are experience with most GE Multilin models for fault identification and repairing the GE Multilin equipment.  Rom-Control will ensure your GE Multilin Relays are in ‘as-new’ condition ready to be a simple plug and play solution.

Our Service Guarantee

Rom-Control provide a full 2 year guarantee with all ABB refurbishments as we know your equipment will be as good as new, and in most cases, better than new. This is because all aged components attached to the GE Multilin Relay control system are replaced as part of the refurbishment.

Our Expertise in Excellence

Rom-Control are specialists in all types of industrial electronic control system repairs and refurbishments. For all GE equipment repairs and refurbishment, call Rom-Control Today!

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