Christmas Maintenance Shutdown

Christmas is almost around the corner and many of our clients will be thinking and planning towards their annual maintenance shutdowns. ROM Control suggests that this is now the time to check your electronic asset spares to ensure they are not damaged and are ready for use if needed!
Items in particular we suggest should be on your review list include;
a) VSD’s,
b) power and charging systems,
c) control system components,
d) sensors,
e) PLC’s, etc
ROM Control are available if you need to repair or refurbish if these items are needed and are not in serviceable condition.
It is worth noting that critical equipment such as Variable Speed drives, power supply and other industrial control systems can fail at any time. Replacement parts can be expensive and the loss of production caused by such failures can be costly. Over the past 10 years, ROM Control Pty. Ltd. provided repair and refurbishment services to over 900 industrial manufacturers in Australia and New Zealand. You can find out more at or telephone them on 1300 766 287.