Rom-Control Officially Approved By Vestas as an International Indirect Supplier

In December 2023, Vestas approved Rom-Control for the status of Indirect Supplier – International. As an official supplier to Vestas, Rom-Control is authorised to supply and repair all wind farm electronic equipment including Converters, Inverters, AC and DC Variable Speed Drives, PLCs, Meteorological Equipment, Etc.

Who is Vestas?

Over the last 40 years, Vestas Wind Systems A/S has grown to being the largest international supplier, and a global leader, of sustainable energy solutions. With over 29,000 employees world wide and 173 GW of wind turbines installed in over 88 countries, Vestas has prevented 1.9 billion tonnes cubed of CO2 being emitted into the atmosphere.

For all wind and solar generating electronic control system, Rom-Control has the knowledge and the experience to refurbish irrespective of age, make or function. Contact us on 1300 766 297 or to discuss your need.