Staying Safe: Rom-Control & COVID-19

A lot has changed in the year 2020, and it is a fact that the current pandemic has drastically changed how many businesses operate; however, Rom-Control continues to stand firm; remaining open and offering the best possible solution for our clients. Although the COVID crisis has negatively impacted a lot of companies, we have not let this slow us down. Rom-Control continues to work on improving our services and creating the best possible solution for you. We accept whatever challenge comes our way with a solution in mind – no matter how easy or difficult it may appear to be.

By implementing COVID-19 related work practices, following appropriate social-distancing guidelines and assuring our employees are safe, happy and healthy we continue to grow, innovate and repair daily. It continues to be business as usual if not better than before; our big move into the new office space certainly boosted morale and our changes only affect policy, not quality.