Inverters are widely used in all sectors of industry from controlling the speed of a machine to electricity generation (such as Solar and Wind Farms.) 

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What is an Inverter

Inverters are used to convert direct current (DC) to an alternating current on (AC) usually for power systems such as solar generation or wind turbines. In many circumstances, these power generation systems incorporate batteries storage which connect to the same inverters.

The inverter uses a complex array of solid state switching systems and IGBTs to produce a sinusoidal voltage waveform. It is extremely important that the inverters operate correctly to ensure clean AC power to the equipment it is supplying. That is why every inverter should be regularly maintained and monitored. On the rare occasion that an inverter does fail, suitably trained and experienced engineers should carry out the repairs who also have the ability to fully test and certify the its correct operation. 


We Repair Inverters

Irrespective of the make, size or model, Rom-Control is expert in the repair of inverters and converters. Power inverter repairs and refurbishment requires specialist knowledge due to the high inverter frequencies, voltage and current used. Therefore if you need a Power Inverter repaired, whether it be a Solar Farm Inverter repair or for a Wind Generator Inverter repair, Rom-Control can provide the expertise needed. Rom-Control is ISO 9001 certified and we provide a full two (2) year warranty with every repair.



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