Maintain Social Distances – Remote Assistance Free

Free licences for all companies and organisations to trial the PTC video to video Chalk product. PTC are the organisation that own the ThinWorx product and their Vuforia Chalk allows your field technicians to send a live video feed to anyone in the world. The remote expert is able to see on the screen what the technician’s camera is looking at, and direct the technician to specific locations by drawing lines and pictures on the screen which is reflected on the technicians device.

Chalk is so advanced that it can recognise its position in a three dimensional location and as the device is moved around, the drawings and pictures are moved around as well as if there were actually in the area as fixtures. Click HERE to see a video of Vuforia Chalk that also explains benefits and features.

This is a very short time offer and an amazing opportunity to see how the technology fits into your systems and evaluate the benefits. If this is something you are interested, please let us know on our contact page asap as we can arrange either a demonstration and/or get you started immediately.