Modicon are manufactured by Schneider Electric and include the following range:

Power Control

  • Zelio Solid State Relays
  • Power Controllers
  • Power Switches

Machine Control including PLC and PAC

  • E+PLC
  • PAC System Hardware
  • E+PLC100 Combination PLE+PLC400 Combination PLC
  • T2750T2550
  • Eycon 10/20 Visual Supervisor

Drivers and soft starters

  • AC Drives
  • DC Drivers
  • Soft Starters
  • Alitstart 01 Soft Starter
  • Alitstart 22 Soft Starter
  • Alitstart 48 Soft Starter
  • Alitvar 12 Drivers
  • Altivar Process ATV600
  • Altivar Process ATV900
  • ER-3200i/3600XRi
  • ER-340/-680/-1200
  • ER-PL/ER-PLX Variable Speed Drivers

Rom-Control are considered experts at repairing and refurbishing the full range of Eurotherm products as we were established over ten years ago and understand the functionality and requirements. Without the need for operation instructions or drawing, Rom-Control provides a full 12 month warranty with all the repairs on all equipment.

If you wish to know more or would like to chat with us, please call us on 1300 766 287 or message on the contact form.