Caterpillar (CAT) System Repair and Refurbishment



Caterpillar Repair Service

The Caterpillar (CAT) range of trucks, earth moving equipment and power generation kits are a highly respected brand representing reliablity and toughness. Using thier own proprietry control equipment, the high tech Caterpillar systems and Human Interface Devices (HMDs), can break down on very rare occasions resulting in a loss to production and significant spare parts cost. Rom-Control can provide a very real economical alternativce as we can repair your CAT Display, CAT Engine Control modules, CAT Switchgear or any other CAT Custom Control System and Switchgear.

What you need to know then is that Rom-Control is your one-stop repair shop with specific knowledge and expreience for the repair and/or refurbishment of anything Caterpillar, or any ancilliary equipment.

Caterpillar Repair and Refurbishment – Our Service Capability

At Rom-Control, we pride ourselves on quality precision workmanship and efficiency. Our trained technicians provide refurbishment services across the entire Caterpillar range of products including the legacy and superseded control systems.  The type of equipment we service/refurbish includes the Caterpillar Minestar Touch Monitors, the Caterpillar Transmission Analyser (including the 277-2363) and even  the Caterpillar Constant Ampere Throttle Control for the Caterpillar Solar Turbines

Rom-Control continues to provide a significant economic alternative to purchasing new Bosch or Bosch Rexroth systems whilst minimizing your downtime and reducing your maintenance and capital expenditure.

Our Service Guarantee

Rom-Control provides a full two (2) year guarantee with all Caterpillar Trucks and Caterpillar Solar products as we know your equipment will be returned to you as good as new, and in many cases, better than new. This is because all aged components attached to the control system are replaced as part of the refurbishment.

Our Expertise in Excellence 

Rom-Control are specialists in all types of electronic control system repairs and refurbishment. For all the Bosch Group of companies subsidiary supplied equipment, call Rom-Control today.

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