Tab-Ex® 02: Rugged Tablet for Zone 1 / DIV 1 | ecom instruments

Key Benefits
  • Ensuring and maximizing mobile worker's efficiency & productivity
  • Ensuring accurate data capture, real-time information and decision making Minimizing costs
  • Improve ease of use & customer experience

Designed for Your Application, with All Your Needs Considered
  • Rugged design Sensor/gyroscope (magnetic compass)
    • Enables augmented reality to optimize applications
  • Samsung Knox: Reliable enterprise mobile data security
  • High-quality 8 MP/5 MP camera with autofocus function

Fast processor and high storage capacity
  • Flexible: A larger number of more complex applications can be integrated
  • Future-proof: Fulfills the requirements of future, more elaborate applications
  • Time-saving: High computing power for faster data processing

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Tab-Ex® 02: Rugged Tablet for Zone 1 / DIV 1 - DATASHEET DOWNLOAD
Tab-Ex® 02 DZ1 Mining: Rugged Tablet certified for Mining - DATASHEET DOWNLOAD