Smart-Ex® Watch 01 Smartwatch for Zone 2/22

We are proud to announce supplying ecom’s Smart-Ex® Watch, based on the Samsung Galaxy Watch, is the first smart watch for Zone 2/22 and Division 2 (Pending). The watch can be synced with ecom devices like the Smart-Ex® 02 smartphone. It offers a new form of hands-free communication and enables greater protection for employees.

Hands-free navigation via advanced voice control and wrist gestures simplifies operation. A rotating bezel allows for intuitive, quick, and easy scrolling through apps and instructions, even with gloves. The powerful battery can run for up to five days, and the GPS can be used for up to 28.5 hours.

The rugged Smart-Ex® Watch offers an extended temperature range from -15 °C to +50 °C, and its durable design withstands impact and mechanical vibration.

Smart-Ex® Watch 01 Smartwatch for Zone 2/22 - DATASHEET DOWNLOAD