Uniformance – Software for Process History and Analytics

Uniformance Asset Sentinel

Honeywell’s Uniformance® Asset Sentinel continuously monitors equipment and process health, enabling industrial facilities to predict and prevent asset failures and poor operational performance. Part of the Uniformance software suite, it works across industries on a varied set of monitoring applications and across a broad set of asset types.

Uniformance Asset Sentinel brings together the real-time monitoring capabilities of Honeywell’s Asset Manager with powerful historical analytics of Matrikon’s Equipment Condition Monitoring. This combination results in a unified calculation and event detection platform that is applicable to a broad set of industries and applications.

Uniformance Asset Sentinel comprises two modules:

  • Process & Equipment Monitoring: It monitors process performance and equipment health to minimize unplanned losses and maximize uptime.
  • Smart Instrument Monitoring: It continuously assesses the health and performance of smart instruments, helping users minimize unplanned downtime and maximize investments in smart instrumentation.

While designed to seamlessly integrate with Honeywell control systems and other advanced application software, Uniformance Asset Sentinel is control system- and historian- independent. Features include:

  • Plant Reference Model: Uniformance Asset Sentinel provides a multi-level equipment hierarchy to model users’ plant and equipment structure.
  • Data Access: Uniformance Asset Sentinel supports a variety of data interfaces required for a complete view of asset health or performance.
  • Powerful Calculation Engine: Uniformance Asset Sentinel supports an easy-to-use, fourth-generation scripting language to perform simple-to-complex statistical calculations and data manipulation.
  • Event Detection & Notification: For situations requiring the earliest possible attention and follow-up, Uniformance Asset Sentinel’s event detection environment makes it possible to identify user-defined rules and checks to trigger alerts and warnings.

Continuous surveillance of key operating and equipment conditions with Uniformance Asset Sentinel allows the earliest possible indication of performance degradation and the appropriate prioritization to address the situation. With this software family, users can:

  • Increase asset utilization up to 10%
  • Reduce maintenance costs up to 10%
  • Increase operating efficiency up to 10%
  • Improve safety.

Uniformance Insight

Honeywell Uniformance® Insight is a fully integrated, thin-client software solution that helps engineers, operations team and other key plant personnel easily visualize and explore information for effective analysis and troubleshooting. Plants benefit from greater process intelligence that enables smarter and faster business decisions.

  • Standards-based technology for data integration, key performance information and visualization using existing IT/data systems.
  • Flexible connectivity to a wide variety of information sources for improved data visualization, including Honeywell’s Uniformance Process History Database (PHD).
  • Configurable dashboard, making plant data easier to trend, chart, monitor, report and display via Web graphics or display.
  • Intuitive navigation to minimize the time required to access critical information.
  • Versatile visualization tool for monitoring process conditions and investigating events.
  • Collaborative environment to share useful displays with co-workers – process information available in the office from a PC or in the field from a tablet.
  • Ease of management with all software located on the server (no installation on user devices).
  • Tight integration with business and manufacturing execution system (MES) applications via an HTML5 solution.

Uniformance Insight provides advanced visualization technology that can be pushed to many users and integrated with business and MES applications. This is accomplished by providing an HTML5 solution and applications that use common components.

With a thin-client interface, Uniformance Insight can also be deployed to end-users with little or no IT support and with minimal training. The software features an install with numerous smart defaults. Its HTML5 technologies were designed with operational and Level 4 (L4) needs in mind, especially the re-use of displays across levels.

Uniformance Insight provides advanced visualization technology that can be pushed to many users and integrated with business and MES applications. This is accomplished by providing an HTML5 solution and applications that use common components. With a thin-client interface, Uniformance Insight can also be deployed to end-users with little or no IT support and with minimal training. The software features an install with numerous smart defaults. Its HTML5 technologies were designed with operational and Level 4 (L4) needs in mind, especially the re-use of displays across levels. Uniformance Insight employs the same HMIWeb technologies as Experion PKS, reducing training time to build displays and allowing personnel to monitor and analyze plant processes in a clear and simple manner.

In today’s process industries, smarter decision-making enabled by greater insight into operations and enterprise collaboration is crucial. Uniformance Insight allows users to visualize and explore key information anytime and anywhere. With a powerful data monitoring capability, it provides access to timely and meaningful data to help plants maintain safe production with higher uptime, minimize operating costs, reduce risks, and ensure regulations are met.

Uniformance Process History Database

Scalable, secure, robust and open, Uniformance® PHD helps users make better and faster decisions with superior data management. Key product features include:

  • Data for monitoring process conditions and engineering analysis
  • Unmatched incident investigation using process data (tags) and events
  • Reliable, robust archive suitable for regulatory and other reporting
  • Open interfaces for integration to business and manufacturing excellence programs.

Uniformance PHD layers on top of the DCS to provide a historian for engineering and business analytics. It collects, stores and replays historical and continuous plant process data. Data analysis and monitoring may be done at the engineer’s desktop, reducing data gathering time by 25% or more.

New to Uniformance PHD? Now Improve Decision Making in your Plant

Uniformance PHD helps improve visibility across the supply chain to transform islands of process and business data into valuable information, enabling organizations to make better and faster decisions.

Use Uniformance PHD already? Avoid the risks of obsolescence and get superior features with the new releases!

Uniformance helps businesses avoid the risks of obsolescence and adopt the latest Windows and SQL Server platforms. Get superior data management with powerful new tools and an intuitive user experience.

Uniformance PHD offers:

  • Scalable, distributed architecture: Data can be collected from disparate data sources into a single database that can be expanded to handle thousands of users and millions of tags.
  • Security: Provides support for commonly required firewall configurations and protection against unauthorized access.
  • Reliability: Data collection and history recovery features provide complete data, even after interruptions.
  • Open: OPC server license for easy integration with third-party applications.
  • Event History: Consolidated Event Journal (CEJ) provides long-term storage of events such as alarms, operator changes and notifications, for Experion®, OPC and TPS systems.
  • Superior functionality with Uniformance Process Studio: Powerful new tools provide superior incident investigation and analysis. Modern administration tools deliver enhanced user experience.
  • Experion Advantage: Seamless integration with Experion protects against data loss. Auto tag loading and synchronization dramatically reduce start-up time.
  • Proven Migration: For users on previous Uniformance PHD releases, migration entails minimal disruption and zero data loss.

Millions of dollars are lost every year due to unplanned production losses. Uniformance PHD is a proven solution that provides users with tools to convert process data into valuable information to help detect faults and improve processes. As a result, users enjoy higher data security and reliability, along with lower total cost of ownership.

Uniformance Process Studio

Uniformance® Process Studio is a set of easy-to-use software applications that help engineers view and analyze process performance, and is designed to work with Uniformance PHD.

Its latest release, Release 322, offers enhancements such as:

  • Event History and Visualization tool for unmatched incident investigation
  • Intuitive and flexible Trends that help understand process behavior better

Dashboards for process overview across the plant/site

With Uniformance Process Studio, users can pull historical process data, for instance, to analyze a plant upset or equipment efficiency, and use that information to avoid future upsets. It can also be used with third-party OPC Historical Data Access servers to provide consolidated trending, analysis and graphics.

Release 322 enhances user experience with powerful new tools and an intuitive user interface. Flexible and easy to use, it supports a variety of user needs. Users can start building trends and reviewing graphics with little or no training. It also provides highly configurable navigation, unmatched incident investigation, trending and graphics for the advanced user.

Uniformance Process Studio graphics are based on Honeywell’s HMIWeb technology that is also used in Experion® PKS. Experion users can, therefore, use their existing graphics without having to build separate graphics for the operator and end user.

Through the powerful Uniformance Process Studio workspaces, users can increase productivity by organizing tags, trends, reports and documents in a way that makes sense to them. Workspaces may also be built by a group of users, allowing navigation, reports and other content to be configured once and used by many people. Event displays, trends and graphics are combined in a dashboard to help users easily navigate all of these displays using a single time control.

Release 322 provides superior functionality, along with unmatched incident investigation and analysis, intuitive and flexible trends, and modern configuration and administration tools.

Uniformance Process Studio helps engineers understand process performance with its superior workflow and integrated applications for process data analysis. When used along with Uniformance PHD, it provides users with a better understanding of past process performance so they can maximize business results and improve safety, reliability and efficiency of their operations.

DynAMo Operations Logbook

Honeywell’s DynAMo®​ Operations Logbook consolidates information from different sources automatically to provide a consistent and up-to-date view of key process data, problems, operating plans and the shift log. It enables an effective shift handover to reduce errors, avoid incidents and improve operational effectiveness. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Its latest release, Release 322, offers enhancements such as:

  • Event History and Visualization tool for unmatched incident investigation
  • Intuitive and flexible Trends that help understand process behavior better

Dashboards for process overview across the plant/site

DynAMo Operations Logbook captures and aggregates key data from across the plant and makes it available through a customizable, role-based Web interface. It is designed to:

  • capture notes and comments from the operations team during the shift
  • compile a configurable shift summary report
  • enable efficient searching for valuable information recorded in a previous shift.

DynAMo Operations Logbook provides the information necessary for the operations team to help ensure the facility is always operated within the right limits and each new team of operators fully understands what is happening and what activities remain to be done. In addition, its intuitive user interface reduces training requirements and helps operators find the required information with minimal navigation.

​​Provided on a new, streamlined platform, DynAMo Operations Logbook is a control system-independent software application. It pulls information automatically from a wide range of data sources, including plant databases, process historians, maintenance management systems and MES/ERP systems, into a configurable shift summary report for operators, supervisors and engineers.

The software is integrated with Honeywell’s DynAMo Alarm Suite to provide an overview of relevant alarm activity for an effective shift handover.

DynAMo Operations Logbook can substantially eliminate the deficiencies of current electronic logbooks and improve shift handover effectiveness. Benefits include:

  • Reduced number and severity of incidents
  • Better safety and environmental compliance
  • Increased production through learning from and avoiding incidents
  • Automatic documentation of the plant state for shift handover
  • Simple collection and maintenance of plant know-how

Better identification of weak points and opportunities for optimization.

DynAMo Metrics and Reporting

DynAMo® Metrics and Reporting is a system independent software that collects and stores all alarm and event data, monitors alarm system performance, and diagnoses alarm problems via intuitive reports. Its customizable, role-based dashboard allows operators, engineers and managers to view the health of the alarm system at a glance. It helps improve the effectiveness of alarm systems to enhance plant safety, productivity and profitability.

DynAMo topped the alarm management software category in the 2019 Control Readers’ Choice Awards.

DynAMo Metrics and Reporting provides a single window into alarm system performance and regulatory compliance. Its customizable, role-based dashboard allows operators, engineers and managers to view the health of the alarm system at a glance. It is mobile-device compatible for viewing alarm metrics any time, anywhere. In addition, this software performs the following tasks:

  • Analyzes, manages and monitors alarm systems
  • Eliminates nuisance alarms
  • Empowers operators to detect and avert abnormal situations
  • Helps monitor operations and operator workload
  • Enables fast and thorough incident reviews
  • Generates Web-based, standards-compliant KPI reports.

DynAMo Metrics and Reporting leverages knowledge from the Abnormal Situation Management (ASM®) Consortium. Its open connectivity is ideal for merging and rationalization of events from a variety of sources such as DCS, SCADA, PLC or any other sequence of event system.

The event collector communicates directly with a variety of data sources, stores up to 2,000 events or messages per second, and reliably forwards that information to the DynAMo Metrics and Reporting software. Different device events can be consolidated into a single event archive database or distributed to different databases. Data in the event archive database can be viewed anywhere from the network. Users can also connect directly to the database and use their own reports or applications to view the data.

The DynAMo Metrics and Reporting software stores a chronological log of events. It is specifically designed to provide information on every tag and every event in chronological order for a given time period or across multiple time periods. This provides a detailed record of each event in the process and the order in which events occurred.

DynAMo Metrics and Reporting provides the following benefits:

  • Helps protect plant uptime and safety by reducing losses caused by ineffective alarming
  • Increases operator effectiveness through reduction of alarms requiring operator intervention

Enables continuous visibility of alarm system performance using scheduled or ad-hoc reporting.

Mobile Equipment Monitor

Operating and maintaining large capital equipment constitutes a large proportion of a mine’s operational expenses. Mobile Equipment Monitor enables real-time monitoring of the operation and performance of heavy mining equipment. Users benefit from reduced maintenance costs and improved equipment reliability, effectiveness and asset life.​​​

Mobile Equipment Monitor is a comprehensive and scalable mining equipment monitoring system that bridges the gap between mobile equipment instrumentation and maintenance systems. It is designed to meet the requirements of small mines as well as large, multiple-site enterprises. A single performance management system, it can address all equipment monitoring requirements, including those of trucks, shovels, loaders, drag lines, graders and stationary equipment.

Mobile Equipment Monitor enables users to monitor and manage all field equipment regardless of vendor or location. The equipment performance management system helps reduce unnecessary equipment downtime through early detection of problems, immediately scheduling maintenance and performing related workflow tasks (such as parts inventory). Users benefit from longer equipment life and higher return on their investments.

Mobile Equipment Monitor enables remote access to equipment operating data over the mine’s wireless network. It provides visibility and analysis of equipment performance through:

  • standard or user-defined dashboards
  • real-time graphic displays
  • user-defined key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • OEM-defined alarm and events
  • user-defined alarms and events
  • development of predictive models for early identification of developing faults.

It can also integrate with other onboard systems such as tire monitoring, fuel and lube systems and merge real-time operating data with maintenance management, dispatch, financial and other systems to provide the most complete view of overall equipment effectiveness.

Mobile Equipment Monitor helps enable and sustain mining operational excellence by retrieving and analyzing operating data that has previously not been readily accessible. Armed with this data, users can analyze, diagnose, decide and act on the best course of action to maximize their business performance while lowering costs.

Profit – Software for advanced Control, Optimisation and Monitoring

Profit® Technologies stabilize, optimize and improve the operation for a more profitable business. From blending, movements and advanced process control to plant-wide optimization and condition-based monitoring, Honeywell’s software enable facilities to achieve and maintain excellent operations.

Profit Blending and Movement helps unlock the hidden profit in offsites, terminals and tank farms.

With Control Performance Monitor, Profit maintains the reliability and efficiency of your process control assets. Advanced analysis technologies provide condition-based monitoring to rapidly identify, diagnose and remedy issues across every plant layer.

Multivariable control and optimization strategies help deliver safe control of complex industrial processes.


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