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Rom-Control provides complete electronic and process control assets management services. Our core business is the fault finding and repair of all types of industrial electronic equipment, irrespective of age, manufacturer or function. The value added component of our service is the refurbishment of these assets. We find the fault, repair and pro-actively replace all other components that can cause a failure in the future, due to environmental stress or age. We inspect and correct any tracks or soldering requiring attention, clean connectors and many more.

Equipment Auditing

This process consists of the following components:

I. Identification of the installed base

  • Manufacturer
  • Model
  • Part Number
  • Age of equipment
  • Firmware version
  • Function
  • Parent/Child and peer asset relationship
  • Availability of OEM support
  • Availability of spare parts (internal and external)
  • Criticality level
  • Availability of identical items on the same site
  • Level of maintenance currently being carried on
  • Availability of upgrade plans
  • Original purchase price

II. Deliverables of the audit results

Delivering the audit results consists of:

  • Criticality based gap analysis
  • Spare parts management
  • Long term upgrade strategy
  • Recommended level of ongoing maintenance
  • Participation in repair–exchange programs

III. Follow Up
Following up on the actions generated by the gap analysis and corrective actions.

Find out where you are and where you want to be. We can help you get there.

Equipment Maintenance

A new service targeting those companies contemplating upgrading their process control system is now being made available to the Australian market by Rom-Control. This service is a proactive electronic circuit board refurbishment service.

It consists of a comprehensive set of engineering inspection, repair, refurbishment and test tasks performed on the electronic circuit boards of a process control system (PLC, DCS,CNC or any other specialised equipment).

At the end of this process, the control system will be upgraded to new technology levels and can be brought back in service immediately.

The list of the engineering steps taken to perform this service includes:

  • Identifying the electronic components on the card
  • Ensuring availability of the above components
  • Inspecting the PCB for visible and mostly those faults that are not visible to the naked eye using sophisticated testing and inspection equipment
  • Cleaning card and contacts
  • Replacing all degradable components (capacitors, resistors, relays, diodes)
  • Replacing damaged, compromised or low performance components (connectors, batteries, LEDs)
  • Mounting sockets to all major ICs
  • Correcting any PCB or circuit faults
  • Quality inspection testing
  • Commissioning the system

Some of the benefits of this service are:

  • Substantial financial savings (40-60% )
  • No other infrastructure, hardware or software modification required
  • Significant reduction in production downtime
  • No additional spare parts or training required
  • Reduced life cycle costing
  • Simple plug and play installation

The Service is available from Rom-Control as a stand alone product or packaged with a maintenance plan.

Reduce your breakdown, downtime whilst decreasing your spare parts holding.

Equipment Repair and Refurbishment

Rom–Control will repair and refurbish any electronic, process control or test equipment, irrespective of age, function or manufacturer. We will find the fault, repair the fault and then pro-actively replace all the other components we know from experience are likely to fail in the future. We will identify and rectify any faults in the tracks, joints, connectors or the board itself. We will return the renewed item to you, ready to be placed back in production as a plug–and–play solution, backed by our one year warranty.

New life for your electronic equipment!

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